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How many calories and macronutrients should I consume?

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Im a 16 year old male looking to go pro in rugby, and so I do a lot of training. Im looking to up my training to 19 hours of medium to intense training. I will write down my training and diet. I am looking to bulk up and would like to know if im eating enough and my ratios among other things are right. 64.6kg in boxer same time in the morning every day, 175cm, rougly 15% body fat leaning on the lesser. Mesomorph. Not really hit intense growing phase of puberty yet.


Monday:Rugby 90 min,30 min abs

Tuesday:Leg gym 45 min, sprints 50 min, upperbodyweight 30min

Wednesday:Match 45 min, kicking 40  min, cardio 40 min, abs 30 mins

Thursday: Upper gym 45 min, sprints 50 min

Friday: upper gym 45 min, running 80 min

Saturday: leg gym 60 min, running 80 min

Sunday: upper gym 60 min, cardio 60 min, kicking 60 min






Ratio 45%carbohydrates       35% protein        20%fat

Thanks for all anwsers
asked Feb 7 by anonymous

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Install the MyFitnessPal app from https://www.myfitnesspal.com/ and use that to track your calorie intake and expenditure over time.
answered Oct 2 by admin (1,820 points)